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Kiev Ukraine (also spelled Kyiv) is the largest city and capital of the Ukraine. He is a beautiful and historic capital in Europe. Kiev has some of the most beautiful architectures including some of the most stunning churches in the world. It is a city of almost 3,000,000 people and therefore is always full of life. If you are traveling to the Ukraine and either passing through or making Kiev your final destination this website is here to help you.

The center of Kiev is packed with hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and three malls. You can dine at over 18 McDonalds for only $5.00 for a meal to some of the most fantastic restaurants that will cost over $100.00 per person. Kiev is also dotted with reasonable restaurants where you can have delicious meals for $10.00 per person.

Kreschatik, the main street in Kiev is on of the safest cities in the world.

You have to experience the main street Kreschatik. Every night, even in the cold weather, you will see hundreds of couples walking arm in arm down the main streets long into the night. This is the city to have a romantic walk and enjoy the thousands of beautiful and wonderfully dressed people strolling and enjoying the architecture and sites of Kiev.

The main street Kreschatik has wide sidewalks with one side of the street layered with two tiered sidewalks that has hundreds of old chestnut trees and thousands of people romantically walking or sitting on benches. On the weekend the street is blocked off and it literally turns into a carnival with up to 100,000 people mixed with live performers and street artists. The weekend on Kreschatik is not to be missed!

Kreschatik is about 1 mile in length (1.6 kilometer) at one end is Independent square with an aboveground square and a subterranean mall Globus. On the far end Kreschatik ends at Besarabskaya Market. At this end there in the subterranean mall Metrograd and the ultra-luxury 10 story mall and entertainment complex Mandarin Plaza. Patio Pizza and Friday’s Restaurants are also located here.

Churches and sites! You will have to spend a week to see all of the fantastically preserved Orthodox churches. In the very center are the complexes of Saint Sophia Cathedral molded after the great Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople,  and the huge Saint Michaels Cathedral, and whatever you do, do not miss the Perchera Lavara, a entire complex of churches that occupies an entire hill with underground catacombs of mummified priests.

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